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The Japanese Culture Club of Arizona is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote goodwill through cultural exchange between Japan and Arizona to deepen understanding, awareness and enjoyment of Japan’s rich culture. We organize events and social gatherings that promote various aspects of Japanese culture including food and cooking workshops, traditional ceremonies, calligraphy, ikebana flower arrangement, handicraft, music, film and other arts unique to Japan. We aim to serve as a bridge across cultural borders that lead our members towards a deeper appreciation and understanding of Japanese culture,  while connecting like minded individuals, academic institutions and businesses through our activities.


Membership due for 2024 December 31st, 2023.

(Between 2021- 2023 Membership dues have had been voluntary.)
We offer four types of annual memberships:
Please send check payable to Japanese Culture Club of Arizona.


Attn: Ms.Sumiko Glenn, 

℅ Your Tax Matters, 4635 S Lakeshore Drive., Suite 312, Tempe, AZ 85282

Or make a payment to PayPal .(Click here to donate)
Or Zelle Payment,  using email address,

Thank you for your continuing interest.
Japanese Culture Club of Arizona

We offer four types of annual memberships:

Individual Membership $35

Family Membership $50

Student Memberships $25

Senior Memberships $25

To become a member please use the online signup form by clicking the Online Signup Form button below.  If you prefer to use a downloadable membership form and send it to us by postal mail, please download the Membership PDF form located below.  If you have already completed registration as a new member or returning member, you can proceed to the Payments tab to complete the registration.

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